Winners Roundup - Sweepstakes Wins from Real People

Read about Sweepstakes Wins from Contests Readers

Do you ever wonder if anyone ever really wins sweepstakes, and who those lucky winners are? Every month, I ask my readers who has won prizes in the month before. Here, you can easily find their answers. Just click on the month you want to hear about the prizes, both big and small, that my readers have won. Let their luck motivate you to keep entering more sweepstakes!

June, 2009 Wins from Readers

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This month, I came up short with no wins at all, but my readers fared much better! Prizes included trips to NASCAR races, $10,000 cash, and trips to Curacao. Lots of readers also won through instant sweepstakes, including cash from Coke and music downloads from Rascal Flatts. More

Who Won What in May, 2009

This month, readers shared a story about a big trip win from Domino Sugar, lots of cash from Coke and Baja Blast, a pair of trips from ESPN, and much more. More

Readers Share Their April, 2009 Wins

Prizes that popped up frequently in the winners' list for April, 2009 include cash from Coke's Text Twist games and Baja Blast, food prizes and gift cards from Hellman's, and more. Among the bigger prizes were a trip to Hawaii and a furniture shopping spree! More

Wins from March, 2009

Some of the big wins reported in March, 2009 include a ring worth $5,000, an air hockey table, and $1,000 cash. Many people won lots of instant prizes, including cash, gas cards, and much more. Reader Char reported 23 prize wins this month, nearly one per day! More

Readers Share Wins for February, 2009

Readers really rocked the house in February of 2009, winning gift cards, a $5,000 Jamaican vacation, and much more. More

Prize Winners for January, 2009

Hard work in January of 2009 resulted in some fantastic prizes for About Contests readers. Among the great wins that readers reported were a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a trip to the Playboy Mansion worth $5,000, and $25,000 cash from Better Homes and Gardens! More

Best Prize Wins of 2008

Readers sum up their favorite prizes from the year before. Examples include a Caribbean cruise, the finalist prize in the CVS For All the Ways that You Care Contest which included a NYC trip and $10,000, and $5,000 cash (from more than one winner!) among many other large prizes. More

Prize Winners from December 2008

Miller joined Nabisco as a sponsor of lots of gift card prizes, with two separate sweepstakes bursting with $25 gift cards. Donna was a big winner with a $15,000 grand prize, and Karen's son won a trip to New York City. Read all of the comments for many more prizes! More

Prize Winners for November of 2008

A lot of gift cards were up for grabs in November of 2008, with Nabisco's Magical Crackers Sweepstakes and Chiquita's Snack, Play, Win Sweepstakes being two of the biggest contributors. Among the big winners was Joanne, who won a Nascar Performance Package including new tires and lots of other prizes. More

Prize Winners for October, 2008

We had some wonderful prize wins reported in October, 2008 including Nancy's win of a trip to Disney World (worth $4,500), Epblack's cash prize of $1,200, and vehicles including a Harley motorcycle from Joe and a Dodge Journey from Hundmor. Wow, talk about inspirational! More

September 2008 Prize Winners

In September, we had a lot of instant winners. There were reports of cash and pedometers from BeeWell Miles' instant win game, a $1,000 gift certificate from BluFly, and much more.

Prize Winners from August of 2008

In August of 2008, we had several people win gift cards thanks to big sweepstakes from Lipton and Kraft, lots of tubes of Colgate toothpaste and M&M candies, and some bigger prizes like $13,039 worth of prizes from the Valero Tailgate Party Sweepstakes. More

Prize Winners from July, 2008

July had some great winners reporting in, including still more chips and movie tickets from Subway, lots of bags full of goodies from Oprah, grills from Cisco, gift certificates from Oriental Trading Company, and much more. Plus, some of our winners have shared some fantastic advice this month, for people who are feeling discouraged. More

Prize Wins from June, 2008

Some fantastic wins were reported this month, including big cash prizes, trips, Indiana Jones movie merchandise -- and tons and tons of chips and movie tickets from Subway! More

Wins Reported in May, 2008

In May, 2008, readers reported winning some fantastic prizes, including a 7-night Royal Caribbean cruise, gift certificates for stores like Limoges Jewelry or from American Express, and a bunch of bread from a Sara Lee sweepstake that was giving away tons of prizes. More

Wins Reported in April, 2008

Prizes reported this month included a trip to Hollywood, $1,000 cash, toys, gift certificates, and many more. Susan reported winning an instant after two months of trying, and Larry received his first win just as he was started to get discouraged. More

Wins Reported in March, 2008

Some of the big prizes that readers reported winning in March of 2008 included a trip to Saint Lucia, diamond bracelets, and HDTV - and a new car! John reported winning a Toyota Prius Hybrid in the Naturalee Living Sweepstakes from Domino to Go. Read the posts and let the winners' excitement charge you up, too! More

Wins Reported in January and February, 2008

Another big month for Contests readers! Jeff reported winning a whole bunch of prizes, including $1,400 worth of Firestone tires for his car. Jackie had been sweeping for five months without a prize to show for it, but month six netted her four different wins! Becky, on the other hand, won her first prize in a week. Diane's husband became a convert when she brought home her first prizes. Other prizes included a trip to Italy, season football tickets, and a total gym. More

Wins Reported in December, 2007

Gina reported that she never thought she'd win a prize - until she received a 19-inch television from an instant win! Patty broke a long dry spell - a year without wins - by hanging in there and finally winning a $250 Circuit City gift card. James won a year of dinners from one of my favorite restaurants, and Brenda discovered that "Real people do win" when she won a 42-inch plasma TV. Read through the thread for many more wins! More

Wins Reported in November, 2007

Although Dan is new to sweepstakes entry, he saw his hour a day of entry time pay off when he won a $100 Visa gift card. I had a nice win myself, a bunch of CDs valued at $500 from EMI. Many people reported instant wins. More

Wins Reported in October, 2007

Jeani reported a great win that benefited her son and his friends - a $1,000 donation to his soccer team from Coca Cola and Publix. Mo received a set of upgrades for an SUV including 20″ custom wheels, tires, performance exhaust system, DVD player and two 7″ headrest monitors. Deb hit an instant for her first prize, but even more importantly shared all the fun she is having entering sweepstakes! More

Wins Reported in September, 2007

Contests readers reported winning spa gift certificates, a MTV Video Music Awards tote bag full of music prizes, gift baskets, t-shirts and more! More