Where to Find and Post Marketing Jobs

Marketing Jobs
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Whether you are looking for a marketing job or looking to post a marketing job and gain qualified candidates you won't want to miss my top four marketing job websites. Now, my list is somewhat different that the others out there. I'm going to show you websites that do not consist of CareerBuilder or Monster, not because they are not great websites, but because most people already know them and they can be somewhat expensive for the company posting and over-saturated for those that are applying for jobs.

My goal is to give you marketing job sites that you may not be aware of or just haven't thought about.

Marketing Pilgrim
Marketing Pilgrim's job board is updated daily. It was started in 2005 by Andy Beal, the well-known internet marketing expert. The site features online marketing position as well as email marketing positions. It's easy for candidates to browse posted jobs and for companies looking to hire the prices on Marketing Pilgrim are extremely reasonable and reach thousands of job seekers.

Indeed is a fantastic job search engine. I love the capabilities to search for specialties within a specific location and region. Indeed aggregates from several different job sites, so I look at it as that "one-stop" place to see what marketing positions are out there that fit your skill set. I also find that for companies it's a fantastic way to post a job and find qualified marketing candidates without spending a fortune.

I love LinkedIn - not just for the networking capacity, but for job searching as well. It's the one place that you can search for a job, find a company that's hiring and research their current employees. You can find a job opening and do your preliminary market research all in one place. However, it's not just candidates that benefit from LinkedIn, for companies looking to hire it allows you to view a candidate's LinkedIn Profile, view their connections as well as recommendations and job history.

It's a definite in the job search and candidate search toolkit.

eMarketing Silo
eMarketing Silo is a great job search website for the internet marketing professional. You can almost view it as the connection spot for both employers and job seekers. The eMarketing Silo has a database containing thousands of online marketing professionals. Job seekers can also use the job website to seek out marketing positions. One thing you will see with eMarketing Silo is their approach is more hands-on matching up job seekers with employers. Their jobs are cross-posted on LinkedIn, Simply Hired, and multiple job blogs. If you are looking for an online marketing professional or position, this just may be the route to go.