Top 10 Business Plan Books

Many books have been written on starting a business and the necessity of writing an effective business plan. Each book in our list of recommended business plan books, is devoted solely to the topic. Some have forms and outlines, others have sample business plans for you to review. These are the best step-by-step guides on content, presentation and execution of a business plan still in print today.

How to Write a Great Business Plan for Your Small Business in 60 Minutes or Less

The companion CD-ROM demonstrates how to construct a current and pro-forma balance sheet, an income statement and a cash flow analysis. Just plug in your own information while providing specific and organized information about your company and you have a business plan. (Atlantic)

Business Plans Kit for Dummies

From attracting funding via proven methods to tapping secret sources for capital, this step-by-step companion explains how to write a winning business proposal. It includes information on how to identify your company's mission, size up your customers and check out the competition and forecasting. (John Wiley & Sons)

Writing a Convincing Business Plan

This book offers a step-by-step detailed description on how to draw up a business plan for presentation to potential partners, investors and backers. Focusing on the needs of active business owners, managers, and organizers, the authors demonstrate that the best way to increase chances of business success is by starting with a carefully researched business plan. (Barrons Educational Series Inc)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans
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This book has everything business owners need to create a clear and comprehensive business plan, including guidance on the important decisions that must be made before drafting a plan, sample business plans and more. (Alpha Books)

The ABC's of Writing Winning Business Plans: How to Prepare a Business Plan That

Written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of the New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad series, this book illustrates how to: focus your vision for the business, format your plan to impress, use your business plan as a tool, deal with competition, attract the funding you need, identify strengths and weaknesses, draft a plan for real estate and understand your financials. (Business Plus)

Business Plans Made Easy: It's Not As Hard As You Think

The reader will find tips and techniques for creating a business plan that matches his/her exact needs. Comprehensive step-by-step instruction on how to create and use different kinds of targeted business plans for obtaining start-up or expansion capital. (McGraw-Hill)

How To Write A Business Plan

Whether you need to raise money, sell a business or develop a specific project, Brian Finch covers all the issues in producing a business plan. From profiling competitors and forecasting market development, to providing clear and concise financial information, this book is full of ideas. It also includes a glossary, case histories and a detailed section on the key issue of using internal business plans. (Kogan)

Writing And Presenting A Business Plan

Author Carolyn A. Boulger reviews the entire process of writing and presenting a business plan. From idea generation to feasibility analysis, this text covers all steps necessary to develop and start a business. It also provides numerous samples of effective plans and presentations. (Thomson Learning)

Building Your Business Plan: 28 Days To Designing And Starting Your Business

A logical step-by-step approach to business plan writing. Even if you have little business or writing experience, this book claims it will help you to create and write a solid business plan in as little as 28 days. (Lightning Source)

Plan for Profitability: How to Write a Strategic Business Plan

A bit dated, but another step-by-step guide on how to write a practical business strategic plan. The author highlights several examples from actual business plans, making it easy for the reader to fully understand the subject. (Four Seasons)