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The goal of any cover letter is to show that you're a strong candidate, and should be brought in for an interview. When you are writing cover letters for a management position, you'll want to clearly define your management skills and experience to help differentiate you from the competition. In particular, make sure your cover letter focuses on your leadership abilities, mentioning any accomplishments you've achieved as a manger in previous roles.

Read on to get information on how to write a successful management-level cover letter. Then, review a list of management cover letters sorted by industry and job type for inspiration writing your own. 

What Employers Look for in a Cover Letter

In any cover letter, companies want to see evidence of what you have accomplished in your prior positions. For management-level positions, they will be eager to see that you've led teams and projects successfully in the past. 

Your objective is to write a compelling cover letter that highlights your management and leadership experience, achievements, and qualifications. Rather than stating a list of tasks that you did in previous positions, share specific and quantifiable examples of accomplishments. 

For example, if you reduced employee turnover by 10 percent, share that statistic. If you’re interviewing for a sale manager position and you’ve hired some of the company’s top salespeople, mention it.

When you’ve led a company to record breaking growths and profitability, share as much of that information as you can without breaching confidentiality. This type of information is more compelling than simply saying you managed a team of 15 people, performing annual one-on-one reviews. 

Along with detailing your past management experience, you can also touch on what you would be able to accomplish in the role you're seeking.

Use your cover letter to share how your skills and abilities would help the company flourish. 

What to Include in Your Cover Letter

Open your cover letter with a salutation. Then, in the first paragraph of your cover letter, mention the specific job for which you're applying and your interest in working for the company. 

Use the second and third paragraphs of your letter to explain why you are a strong candidate for the position. Close the letter by thanking the company for considering you for the role.

Review these guidelines for what to include in each paragraph of your cover letter

Avoid being generic in your cover letter. The most effective letters are customized for each job application. A compelling letter will show why you are the best-qualified candidate for this management position in particular. Take the time to match your qualifications to the requirements listed in the job posting. Researching the company, to have a sense of their needs and goals, can also help you write a persuasive letter. 

Review examples from the list of management cover letters below to get ideas for your own letters.

Cover Letter Examples for Management Jobs

Management Resume Examples
In addition to looking at cover letter examples, review these resume examples for inspiration on how to make your management resume the best it can be. For management-related resumes, you may include your management philosophy, examples of accomplishments, and quotes from others regarding your management skills, in addition to your work history and other relevant information.

Cover Letter Templates and Formats

Review these templates you can personalize to write your own cover letters when submitting job applications.

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