How to Make a Coupon Binder

••• Printable Coupon Binder. Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Looking for a good way to organize your coupons? Try a coupon binder. These step-by step instructions will show you how to set one up.

What You Need:

  • A binder
  • Coupons (obvious, but important)
  • Baseball card pages
  • Dividers
  • Folders (2)
  • A pencil case
  • A calculator
  • Scissors

Here's How:

  1. Print out a copy of the Coupon Binder cover, and slide it into the front of a large binder (you'll want plenty of space for coupons).

  1. Decide how you want to organize your coupons – by type (dairy, toiletries, baking supplies), by aisle, by expiration, etc. Then, create a divider for each of your categories.
  2. Stick your dividers in the binder, and place several baseball card pages behind each one (these will corral all of your coupons).
  3. Add a folder to hold all of the current weekly sales flyers (if your binder has pockets on the inside of the cover, you can use those instead).
  4. If you're a rebater, also add a folder to hold the rebates that you're working on.
  5. Then, print out a copy of the coupon policy for every store that you shop at, and stow it in the back of your binder (you never know when you'll have to educate an employee).
  6. Add a copy of the Frugal Living Price Book, so you can start tracking store prices in your area.
  7. Then, add a meal planner to make your shopping trips easier to plan.
  8. Stick a pencil pouch at the front of your binder, and equip it with scissors, a calculator and a pen – all important tools of the trade.
  1. Then, simply load your coupons into the baseball card sleeves, and your coupon binder is ready for business!


  1. Place a large rubber band around the outside of your binder, so your coupons won't spill out if you accidently drop it
  2. Include your name and contact information on the inside of your binder, in case you leave it somewhere
  1. Have some coupons that are too big to fit in the nine-pocket baseball card sleeves? Add some three-pocket sleeves to your binder, and you should be able to accommodate just about anything.
  2. Don't forget to include a divider for service and entertainment-related coupons (hair cuts, restaurant coupons, etc.)