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As of May, 2014, HitBliss has put its services on hold while it works with its partners to deliver content. This means you can't earn any "HitBliss Cash" at this time, which in turn means none of the movies or TV shows are freely available. Check back here for more information.

HitBliss is a rather unique service to watch free streaming movies. As well as movies, you can use HitBliss to watch free TV shows in several different genres.

While you can watch anything with HitBliss at no cost, you have to sit through advertisements to earn redeemable cash you can use to rent a movie or buy a TV show.

Visit HitBliss for Free Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Free Streaming Movies at HitBliss

HitBliss' collection of free streaming movies include genres such as Comedy, Action/Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Kids/Family.

You can also sort movies by New Releases, New Arrivals, or Top Rated.

Free Streaming TV Shows at HitBliss

Free streaming TV shows are also available at HitBliss. You can find Drama, Kids, Romance, Thriller, and other genres.

Sort the TV shows by arrival date, year, or rating for a different perspective to find shows you may be interested in.

What You Can Buy With HitBliss Cash

As you earn cash, you can apply the money toward purchases and rentals as if it were real money.

You can apply the entire sum to the rental so you don't have to use any actual money.

The same applies for buying TV shows.

There are also some movies available through Amazon. You can apply your HitBliss cash with those movies by linking in your Amazon account. HitBliss will then purchase an Amazon Gift Card that is then automatically applied to your account for that particular movie.

In addition to the above, HitBliss cash can be used to listen to free online music through Pandora, without the advertisements. You can buy subscriptions of Pandora One on a month to month basis. Considering how quick you can earn money through HitBliss, you can easily get a free subscription of Pandora One every month.

HitBliss' Video Quality

Hitbliss movies and TV shows can be streamed at high, medium, or low quality depending on your network speed.

Benefits of Registering With HitBliss

You must create an account at HitBliss to rent free movies and buy TV shows.

While watching advertisements to earn cash, you'll have to periodically click a button on the screen so HitBliss knows you're still watching and actually paying attention. The quicker you can click the button, the quicker you'll earn redeemable cash.

You get rewarded more and more as you progress forward and prove that you're actually watching the advertisement videos. The higher you go, the higher of a Trust Level you earn. As you get a higher level, you get money even quicker.

Watch HitBliss With Free Apps

HitBliss doesn't play movies and TV shows in a web browser like similar streaming services. Instead, you must either download the desktop program to watch the media on your computer or get the Android app or iOS app to watch it on a mobile device.

See my list of Free Movie Apps for other ways you can watch movies and TV shows on the go.

System Requirements for HitBliss

HitBliss works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X 10.6 or newer. You must have at least 2 GB of RAM to run the HitBliss program.