Free Baby Shower Printables

Free Printables and More for Baby Showers

These free baby shower printables will help you create a wonderful looking baby shower for less. Your guests won't believe how great your baby shower looks and they won't even guess that you got so many of the items for free.

You'll find free baby shower printables such as baby shower invitations, bingo cards, thank you cards, printable games, word scrambles, checklists, decorations, and word search puzzles. There's no reason to pay for these items when you can get such great looking ones online without having to pay a cent.​

Don't forget to tell mom-to-be about all the baby freebies and free samples she can get including free diapers, formula, and magazine subscriptions.

Printable Baby Shower Invitations

A pink floral baby shower invitation
Double the Bach

You can start saving money on the baby shower immediately with these free, printable baby shower invitations.

These invitations look just as good as the ones you buy at the store and many can be customized to come out with exactly what you have in mind. There's a wide variety of styles to reflect a baby boy or girl shower, as well as styles just for mom.

If you're looking to save on even the stamp, consider sending a free online baby shower invitation to your guests. It's quick, easy, and completely free. More

Printable Baby Shower Games

Women with gifts at baby shower
Kevin Dodge/Getty Images

Here's a list of free baby shower printables that are all games for the guests at the baby shower to play.

These printable baby shower games include all types of games from the hilarious to the sentimental. There are prediction games, games that are played while mom is opening gifts, group games, and games that will pit one guest against another.

If you're feeling creative and want to make your own printable game, use some free baby shower clip art to make it look great.

There are also some free baby shower games that don't require printables ​and use items that you already have on hand. More

Printable Baby Shower Thank You Cards

A polka dot baby shower thank you card
Bliss Paper Boutique

These free baby printables will help you thank all the guests who attended your baby shower.

Each ​thank you note can be customized so you can thank them for attending and their gifts. These make easy work of your thank you notes and you won't have to compromise on style.

If you're looking for more options, here are some free, printable blank that you cards that will work as well. More

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Pink and white baby shower bingo cards laying on a quilt
Wit & Wander

Here you'll find several sets of printable baby shower bingo cards that can be printed out and used as a game during the baby shower.

Most of the baby shower bingo games have guests mark off a spot when mom opens a certain gift or when someone says a certain word during the shower.

Some of these printable bingo cards are already set up for you and some are customizable so you can create exactly what you want. More

Printable Baby Shower Word Search Puzzles

Pregnant woman cheering at baby shower
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These free, printable baby shower word search puzzles make a great baby shower game or activity that the guests can complete during the gift opening.

These printable word searches are all themed for baby showers and come in a variety of themes and colors to go with your shower. More

Printable Baby Shower Word Scrambles

Friends drinking tea on baby shower party
fotostorm/Getty Images

These free baby shower printables will have your guests racing against the clock and each other to unscramble baby words as quickly as possible.

There are lots of different word scrambles to choose from with a variety of designs. You'll find your standard pink, blue, and yellow ones as well as some great ones for the modern mom. More

Printable Baby Shower Checklist

Baby shower written on a calendar
Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

This baby shower printable will keep you organized when planning the baby shower.

Each step of the planning process is outlined as well as helpful tips along the way. More

Printable Baby Shower Decorations

Party table with daisies, cupcake liner topiary and garlands
lucop/Getty Images

Here are some free baby shower printables that will help you decorate the baby shower.

You'll find free labels, favor boxes, banners, and signs. You'll baby shower will look great and you'll save a ton of money decorating. More