How to Estimate Concrete Prices

Concrete Formwork, Rebar, Labor and Tool Costs

How to Get Concrete Prices

Estimating concrete prices is very difficult and sometimes will vary from location to location or from site to site. There are so many variables when you are estimating concrete pricing that one single error could represent a huge impact on your company’s finances. There are many components, such as formwork, rebar, surface prep, and the actual cost of concrete that will add up to the real concrete price. Let’s understand how we can break down and how we can generate a reliable concrete pricing after discussing these six important concrete components. 

Concrete Prices Per Yard or Ready Mixed Concrete

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The most important item to consider is the price of concrete whether using ready-mixed concrete or any other method. The ready-mix concrete supplier could offer you a quote once you define the scope and provide details on where the concrete is going to be poured, the formwork used and the amount of concrete that you will need. Concrete is essentially quoted per cubic yard or cubic meter, and as an average, you could use $77 per cubic yard. But always have your ready mix concrete quoted by a local supplier. More

Concrete Price: How Much Work Will the Sub-grade Needs?

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If you are placing concrete over soil, you will need to grade or prepare the surface the concrete. Pricing this item is a little bit difficult as you might want to cover expenses related to grading, compacting soil, excavating, trenching and other components that might affect your concrete price calculation. As a good average, you can use $65 per hour of work needed to prepare the surface assuming that the surface is more than 75% leveled and no huge amount of work is needed to prepare the surface. More

Extra Work that Affects Concrete Prices

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If your surface is not leveled, then you will need additional work to provide with an accurate concrete pricing. Depending on how much work you need to do, this item will significantly affect your concrete price. Sometimes you need to do a surcharge, excavate and fill with suitable material, or just remove soft spot on the terrain to make it suitable to withstand structure loads. Depending on the distance from where you will be providing sand or any other suitable fill material, this could be adding over $10 per cubic meter or cubic yard in your estimate. Not to mention any polyurethane plastic or vapor barrier required to be installed before placing the concrete.

Concrete Forms Cost and Prices

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Concrete forms will affect the concrete price as it is one of the most labor-intensive related activities that need to be considered on a reliable concrete pricing. First, you need to identify the type of formwork that will be used, how it will be installed, do you need to buy the formwork, or rent it? As you see there are many variables but for a good estimate, one that will be safe for you and good for your client, you could be pricing it at $1.10 per square feet. A square or rectangular shape area will not be the same as a rounded area or any other irregular shape. Also, the type of material used will be an important factor in the costs when estimating concrete prices. One key item sometimes forgotten, is the crane or equipment used to move the formwork, formwork release product, re-using formwork and the cost to repair after several uses. More

How Much Will it Cost to Finish Concrete?

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Concrete prices can significantly vary depending on the type of finishing requested in the drawings. Concrete could be finished in many different ways such as smooth surface, exposed aggregate surface or stamped concrete finish. Some surfaces may require only strike off and screeding to proper contour and elevation, while for other surfaces a broomed, floated, or troweled finish may be specified. To consider this in your concrete pricing analysis you could add $0.75 per square feet or maybe higher, depending on the complexity of the finished being requested. Also be sure to include in your concrete price, the cost of the curing compound and testing services.

Concrete Price: Cost of Rebars Used

Low angle view of steel reinforcing bar (rebar) cages for a reinforced concrete slab sheer wall and columns, Cusco, Peru.
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Sometimes concrete will need different types or rebars, or reinforcement. Rebars could be plain, corrugated, epoxy coated, fiberglass or many different types of reinforcement such as wire mesh, plastic mesh, and/or fiber might be added to increase concrete strength and resistance. All of these materials should be adding about $0.18 cents per square foot; however, that number might go up as more rebar is needed or larger diameter rebar is used. More