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Every manager needs training in how to consciously create an organizational culture that supports the accomplishment of their organization's business goals. If you work in an organization, the values, beliefs, experiences, life events, education, upbringing, friendships and more, that you bring to work, combine with those of the other employees to create your work environment.

The combination, with the additional influence of senior leaders and founders of an organization, constitutes the culture that you have—in support of your goals and dreams—or not.

Culture is critically important in whether an organization is as successful as it could be—or if it fails to accomplish its goals.

Every employee is 100 percent responsible for supporting the desired organization’s culture. They are all responsible for bringing their best to work every day. As a manager or leader in an organization, your understanding of culture is critical because you lead the other employees.

This is my recommended management training to understand and consciously create a positive company culture.

Organization Culture

  • Culture: Your Environment for People at Work
    People in every workplace talk about organizational culture, that mysterious word that characterizes the qualities of a work environment. Learn more about the nature of culture in your organization.
  • How to Understand Your Current Culture
    Do you want to take a look at the culture that exists currently in your organization? Your assessment of your culture may make you happy or sad, but knowing what you are working with is key. To change or consciously for a culture requires starting where you are.
  • How to Change the Culture in Your Organization
    Changing your organizational culture is one of the toughest tasks you will ever take on at work. Your organizational culture was formed over years of interaction between the employees, customers and other stakeholders in your organization. Changing the accepted organizational culture can feel like rolling rocks uphill. Learn more about changing your culture.
  • You Can Consciously Choose Your Corporate Culture
    Did you have the luxury of consciously choosing your company's corporate culture from the start? Or, are you like most small and mid-sized business leaders who joined a company with a culture in place. Or, did you not realize that you could consciously decide what kind of a corporate culture to develop and maintain to meet your business goals. Whatever your circumstances, take a look at how to choose.
  • How to Assess Cultural Fit When Interviewing Candidates
    When meeting candidates, you need to consider cultural fit within the context of your organization's current culture and how your organization's culture was formed. A potential employee may express and exhibit the characteristics, language, and values that exist within your organization—or not. Without diminishing the importance of diversity and the search for new ideas, you want to hire candidates whose belief and behavior systems appear congruent with yours. Find out more.
  • How Stories Strengthen Your Work Culture—or Not
    Have you ever listened—really listened—to the stories that your employees tell at work? Are they inspiring stories about the time the team worked hard and nailed the product launch? Are they inspiring stories about coworkers who worked long and hard to accomplish the goals of their team?

    Do they talk about a constant conversation with customers that inspires the direction of product development, marketing, and the customer engagement teams? Or, do your organization's stories center on picky, negative gossip, actions out of personal self-interest, disagreement, distrust, and unhappiness. Your choice. Find out more.
  • 20 Ways Zappos Reinforces Its Company Culture
    Are you looking for a company that consciously created the corporate culture that would help them accomplish their business goals? Zappos consciously creates and reinforces its corporate culture. The work environment provided for employees won't attract every job searcher and it's not for every employee. But, the people who fit the corporate culture thrive working for Zappos. You can learn from the twenty ways they reinforce the culture that they have.
  • Build a Value-based Organization
    "Our people are our most important asset." You’ve heard these words many times from the people who lead organizations. Yet how many organizations act as if they actually believe their own mantra. Not many. These words are the clear expression of a value, and values are visible through the actions people take, not their talk. Learn more about how to build an organization based on values.

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