Cloth Diaper Service Small Business Idea

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Cloth Diaper Service Business

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Not too long ago, cloth diapers weren't just an environmentally friendly option for parents; they were the only option. Until disposable diapers hit the market, that is, and offered an unmatched level of convenience for parents.

While cloth diaper usage hasn't exactly come back to match the popularity of disposable diapers, it is a market that is continuing to grow, among both "green" thinking parents and those who want to save on the expense of purchasing disposable diapers.

When starting a cloth diaper business, you can choose to launch a complete diaper service, or you can provide the pickup and delivery service, transporting cloth diapers to and from a commercial cleaning service for your customers.

Whichever startup option you select, a cloth diaper service is the perfect business if you are interested in helping busy parents who want to use cloth diapers but lack the time and know-how to use them efficiently.


Here are some of the benefits you may experience if you start a cloth diaper service:

  • Your business can be entirely home-based.
  • It's an environmentally sound business.
  • Your target markets are easy to identify (new parents, hospitals, pediatricians, daycares).
  • Your customers may return as repeat customers for as long as their children are in diapers.
  • You directly help your customers save time and money.
  • You may be eligible for tax incentives for having a green business.


    Some of the challenges of starting a cloth diaper service include:

    • If you begin a business that offers complete service, startup costs can be significant.
    • You will need to make or purchase easy-to-use and durable cloth diapers for your customers.
    • You may have difficulty with locating potential clients.
    • You may need to negotiate agreements with commercial cleaners.
    • You will need an efficient and effective method for disinfecting and sanitizing diapers.
    • Business growth could be slow, depending on your service area.

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