The Top 15 Online Wholesale Trade Directories

With the ever-changing pace of business, many publications are out of date even before they’re printed. What’s the solution? Moving the directories online, of course. Below are 15 of the most-frequented sites on the web for wholesale sourcing.


With over 54 categories and 700 suppliers, this guide lists some of the best U.S.-based wholesalers in the industry. Products are generally consumer-oriented, from apparel and fragrances to electronics and toys. More

America’s Gift Show Exhibitor Directory

Open exclusively to the wholesale trade, this online exhibition showcases some of the finest gift-related wholesalers in the business. More


BAOlink is associated with some of the world’s most outstanding trade shows. Not only does the site present some of the world’s leading wholesalers, but it also facilitates the transaction of business between buyers and suppliers. Definitely worth your time. More


Although both deal with the gift-related industries, is more specialized than America’s Gift Show. specifically focuses on giftware, home furnishings, and furniture sold wholesale. More


Reflecting the economics of the U.S. Hispanic community as well as the economic growth of Latin America, is a completely bi-lingual wholesale site. More

The Wholesale Room

The wholesale industry is simply too overwhelming to present every supplier, manufacturer, importer, reseller, wholesaler, and distributor in one place. Fortunately, The Wholesale Room sidesteps the issue by offering a search engine for their tens of thousands of products. More

Top Ten Wholesale

Top Ten Wholesale is a truly diverse source for wholesale and closeout merchandise product information. Linked to some of the world’s top suppliers, the site requires quite a bit of time to just browse through everything offered on it. More

Top Wholesale Suppliers

Unfortunately for Top Wholesale Suppliers, there isn’t much on their site to differentiate them from any other whole supply directory besides the fact that some of their suppliers are international. More

9, Inc. is an upscale directory of 2,000+ top-selling specialty toys across 90+ categories, from games to crafts to action figures and educational toys. More

UK Trade Directory

As its name implies, the UK Trade Directory offers a thorough listing of a diverse mix of wholesalers based in the UK. More

Wholesale Directory

While its name doesn’t set it apart, Wholesale Directory has the site to back up its all-encompassing name. With thousands of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products available, this is a directory you should definitely check out. More

Wholesale Hub

Although perhaps not any more comprehensive than the other sites mentioned on this list, Wholesale Hub’s rather unique feature is the ability to compare suppliers side-by-side, allowing you to see apple-to-apples instead of going back and forth between pages as you search for the best deal. More


Rather novel for the sites on this list, is associated with an in-print publication, Merchants News which has a circulation of 30,000 readers and has been around for over thirty years. More


WholesaleGopher claims to be “the largest directory of wholesalers on the web.” The strengths of the online directory seem to be its focus on B2B and B2C. More


While focused on the UK, this site also lists American and European suppliers. A novel feature is user ratings, a sort of eBay-esque way for buyers to rate sellers.

Again, there is simply no way one site could completely encompass the wholesale industry. However, collectively, these 15 sites should come pretty close. More