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List of New Zealand ETFs

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There are quite a few reasons to invest New Zealand - gain exposure to New Zealand markets, hedge New Zealand investments, or even diversify a portfolio. However, unless you have a specific New Zealand company or commodity to target, a New Zealand ETF (or ETN) may be the way to go instead.

With a New Zealand ETF, you can gain access to New Zealand markets without having to corner the market on individual company stocks.

Nor do you have to battle an index to fill your basket at certain prices. With an ETF, you can track a New Zealand index or gain access to companies in the country with just one transaction.

By adding an ETF or ETN to your investing strategy you can not only complete your investing goals, but at the same time gain all of the advantages of ETFs, like saving money on both your commissions and your tax return.

So if you think your New Zealand Investing strategy should include ETFs (or ETNs), then you definitely want to at least explore these funds. However, make sure you research each asset and conduct your due diligence before you make any trade. And always consult your broker or a financial professional if necessary. Investing has risk, so understand your risk tolerance and how any investment will impact your bottom line.

So, to help you with that research, here is a list of the potential New Zealand ETFs on the market as of today…

List of New Zealand ETFs

ENZL - iShares MSCI New Zealand Investable Market Index Fund

The iShares MSCI New Zealand Capped ETF seeks to track the investment results of a broad-based index composed of New Zealand equities. And some of the top holdings in the fund and the benchmark are Fletcher Building Limited, Spark New Zealand, Aukland International Airport, and Fisher and Paykel Health Care.

And the top sectors represented in the fund are Utilities, Industrials, Health Care and Consumer Discretionary. For more information about the fund you can visit the ENZL fact sheet on the iShares Website.

AUNZ - Wisdom Tree Australian & New Zealand Debt ETF

WisdomTree Australia & New Zealand Debt Fund seeks a high level of total returns consisting of both income and capital appreciation. The Fund attempts to achieve its investment objective through investment in debt securities denominated in Australian or New Zealand Dollars. For more information about the fund you can visit the AUNZ fact sheet on the Wisdom Tree Website

So there are only two on the market right now, one from Wisdom Tree and one from iShares, but as more come to market or if any stop trading, I'll be sure to update this list. So check back frequently. And if you do select either of these ETFss (long or short) for your portfolio, then good luck with all of your trades

And for those interested in the Australian Economy, we have ETFs covering that region as well...

List of Australian ETFs and ETNs

  • AUSE - Wisdom Tree Australia Dividend Fund
  • DBAU - Deutsche X Trackers MSCI Australia Hedged Equity ETF
  • EWA - iShares MSCI Australia Index ETF
  • FAUS - First Trust Australia AlphaDex Fund
  • FXA - Currency Shares Australian Dollar Trust ETF
  • KROO - IQ Australia Small-Cap ETF
  • GDAY - ProShares Ultra Australian Dollar ETF
  • CROC - ProShares UltraShort Australian Dollar ETF

And while this is a decent list, we did lose a few Austrail ETFs over the course of time, so here are some of those funds that are no longer trading...

List of Australian ETFs and ETNs that Have Been Delisted or Redemed

  • GDAY - The ProShares Ultra Australian Dollar ETF
  • EWAS - iShares MSCI Australia Small Cap
  • HAUD - iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Australia ETF
  • EAS - iShares MSCI Australia Small Cap ETF
  • AUD - Pimco Australia Bond ETF

So hopefully these lists help you with your trading strategies targeting down under.

Disclaimer: As of the publication of this article, I do not have any open positions in any of the above New Zealand or Australia ETFs - Mark Kennedy