Finding a Sales Job

 For job hunters, resources abound. Some resources are valuable and helpful and others are more lacking than providing. If you need to find a job in sales, there are tons of options to aid in your job search. 

While not all options will prove valuable to you, the following list has proven to be effective methods for job seekers across most, if not all, sales industries.

Searching for a job can be a full-time itself and the more resources you have, the better.

Where to Find a Job

Finding a job often takes more than just looking for signs. Thomas Phelps

 Starting at the very beginning, where can you find a job in sales? Well, where to look for sales jobs may include some very obvious places and some places you never thought to look before.

This article provides some basic approaches to job seeking and some ideas of where you can start looking for your next job in sales.

Finding a Job Using Indeed

One Site to Search Them All. is a powerhouse when it comes to online job postings. If you can think of a career, you'll probably find at least one job opening listed on

And sales job postings are no exception. Using a few key search words and you're certain to find a slew of sales companies desperately looking to hire talented sales professionals like yourself. More

Building Your Network for Job Hunting

 Building a professional network is beneficial on many levels. From discovering sales opportunities to finding your next sales job. But if you don't have a strong network or don't know how to build one, your competitors will be learning about both sales opportunities and job openings. More

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Experience

 Social networking has proven to be a very powerful method for people to connect with others. When it comes to the business world, the most popular social networking site is LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn, you are able to develop a public profile that others can view, connect with people who share similar interests with you and, most importantly, connect with professionals of influence.

When it comes to finding a job, LinkedIn not only offers employers the option of posting jobs but also gives you the opportunity to get "introduced" to individuals who you may never have the chance to connect without LinkedIn. More

Follow Your Passion

So many people in sales are in their jobs for one common reason: They couldn't find a job doing what they really wanted to do. These people ended up in sales not because they had a passion for sales but out of desperation.

To be truly successful in sales, you have to have a passion not only for sales but for what you sell. If you are interested in getting into sales but don't know where to look for a sales job, look towards your passions, interests and subjects that excite you. Most likely, there's a sales job that will match your passion.

You just need to find it!  More

Best Entry Level Jobs

Sometimes a better approach to finding a job is to start with the end in mind. This means it may be helpful in your job search to find a specific type of job that interests you, then start looking for openings for that specific job.

This article is focused on some of the best entry level jobs for those interested in getting into sales.  More

Top 7 Interview Tips

Okay, so an article giving interview tips probably doesn't belong in a list of job hunting articles. But if your interview skills aren't sharp, finding great sales jobs won't be much good for you. More