The Characteristics of Generation Y (Millennials)

A Generation of Creative Problem Solvers & Tech-Savvy Young People

Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, describes those individuals born between 1977 and 1998 (approximately 70 million people). This generation possesses an intuitive sense in understanding technology due to the environment in which they’ve grown up in and they bring a much more creative and innovative approach to solving problems than any previous generation before them.

Technology has always been a part of their lives and they can’t even imagine a world without the internet or cell phones.

They prefer learning through online courses and using technology in which to gain their information. Their primary source of communication is through email and text messaging and they find direct communication less necessary than their immediate predecessors.


Millennials are individualistic, innovative, creative, celebrators of diversity, multi-taskers, and write their own rules. They appreciate a structured, supportive work environment with personalized assignments and interactive relationships with their supervisors. Millennials work well in a team environment and prefer to have close relationships with their supervisors to help them feel more confident and supported.

Millennials also strive balance in their work and personal lives and are unwilling to commit to jobs requiring long hours, evening, or weekend work. This may seem as a lack of commitment to those who have given their heart and soul to an organization but Millennials do value achievement and are confident in their abilities to produce within the confines of a regular work week.

Millennials look to work in meaningful jobs where they can make an overall contribution to the bottom line of the organization while feeling like they are really helping them meet their overall objectives and goals.