Baby Shower Decorations You Can Print for Free

Decorate Your Baby Shower for Free

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Baby shower decorations don't have to make or break the shower you're hosting. Using free, printable baby shower decorations will save you money, time, and still have the shower looking fabulous. Check my blog

Below you'll find free baby shower decorations to hang up on the wall and set on the table. There are all kinds of free banners, signs, favor boxes, water bottle labels, and tags that will help you have the party looking great. See here credit karma 800 phone number.

Some are even in complete sets so you can have everything matching. Check over here.

These free baby shower decorations go perfectly with other free baby shower printables like free, printable invitations and free baby shower games.

Free Baby Shower Banner Printables

A must have baby shower decoration is a banner. They're an easy way to decorate and is a great way to get the message of the shower across. You can hang these free, printable baby shower banners on the wall or on the edge of the gift or cake table.

  • Baby Banner - This simple baby shower banner has the word "Baby" in a colorful floral design.
  • "It's a Girl" Banner - This printable baby shower banner would be great if the guest of honor is having a baby girl.
  • "Oh Boy" Banner - This fun gray and blue banner fits perfectly with an "Oh Boy" baby shower.

Free, Printable Baby Shower Favor Boxes

These free, printable favor boxes double as a baby shower decoration and give the guests something to take home. They can be filled with candy or other inexpensive trinkets.

Print a Free Baby Shower Sign

These free baby shower decorations you can hang on the wall or sit on the tables. They also make a great gift for mom at the end of the shower.

Free, Printable Baby Shower Tags and Labels

These baby shower tags and labels can be used to attach to favors or as cupcake toppers. They're a great addition to your baby shower decorations.

Free Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

These water bottle labels will make some great baby shower decorations that you can sit at every place on the table or on the food/cake table.

Another Idea for Getting Free Baby Shower Decorations

A great way to get free baby shower decorations is to borrow decorations from someone else who has recently had a baby shower. Since the decorations don't have much use after the shower is over, they'll probably be relived to get rid of them.

Not Free But Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

If you can't find enough free baby shower decorations you like, then consider saving money by buying some inexpensive decorations. Balloons and streamers are some great options that will save you money but still be colorful and fun at the shower.

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